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Book Review: Data Visualization With D3.js Cookbook

This is the D3.js book I wish I had when I started learning it. Even though it says “Cookbook”, it’s a great reference for people who are just starting to learn D3.js.

The author (Nick Qi Zhu) is the maker of DC.js, which is a cool CrossFilter-based extension which can be used for making really nice interactive reports and dashboards. It’s nice to have an author with a proven record, and this was the main reason I decided to read the book.

Hosted Dashboards for Graphite

  • Are you bored with the built-in Graphite dashboards?

  • Need something shiny and cool to impress your (pointy-haired) boss?

  • Want JavaScript dashboards but don’t want to learn JavaScript?

Pretend sales pitch aside, I’m playing around with a side project that will give Graphite dashboards-as-a-service. It’s goal is to make setting-up and using good looking, real-time reporting and monitoring dashboards a breeze.

Dashboard: Giraffe

Giraffe is great example of what’s possible with a JavaScript-only dashboard on top of Graphite data. Like many other Graphite dashboards, it’s built on top of D3.js. It differs slightly because it’s made with the Rickshaw graphing library instead of using D3.js directly, which gives it some nice polish.


Dashboard: Tasseo

So I lied. The first of my series of dashboard reviews is NOT on Dusk, but one of Obfuscurity’s other great dashboards: Tasseo.


Tasseo is a small, lightweight dashboard that’s good for throwing together a useful monitoring dashboard in a minimal amount of time. It’s built with Rickshaw graphs (themselves based on the fantastic JavaScript library D3.js) on top of a small Sinatra application.


Dashboard Reviews

In this new series of posts I will be reviewing (in detail) some of the more popular real-time dashboards out there. Don’t forget to sign up to the mailing list on the right to get the reviews as they come out.

Most of the posts will focus on front-end dashboards for Graphite, but if there are any other types of dashboards you think would be good to review just send me an email. I will be doing a review of Shopify’s Dashing, because it’s one of my favourites.

The first review (coming soon) will be on on Obfuscurity’s newest dashboard: Dusk

Dashboards for Graphite

It’s no secret I like Graphite - it’s a great example of Open Source software which is just as good (actually, it’s even better) than similar closed-source, enterprise-grade (and much more expensive) software.

While Graphite is fantastic, the front-end that comes with it leaves a little bit to be desired. You can use the built-in rendering and dashboard for viewing your system metrics, just like you can use Internet Explorer 6 to browse the Internet - it’ll work, but you’re gonna have a bad time.

Thankfully, there are a lot of alternatives out there, but the Graphite Tools page is a little out of date (with abandoned/incomplete projects), so here’s a list or dashboards I have or would consider using…